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8 Responses to “CPHIMS”

  1. Brant Dowe says:

    does the app give you the correct answer when in study mode?

  2. I have a Google Android OS. I understand that the CPHIMS self test app purchase can be download on Google Android OS. Is there a web site to download the app for Google Android?

  3. Khandelwal says:

    Just bought this yesterday to find out that the voice option does not work in iPhone . Not happy with the purchase and want refund. If android app works then happy to try on my android phone.

    • admin says:

      Which version of iPhone? What is your iOS version?

      The “CPHIMS FREE” version is available to make sure a user’s device will work before they purchase the full version.

      The Android version does not support voice.

  4. echoshihab says:

    Hi,just noticed on play store that CPHIMS TEST+ is version 5 and was last updated on september 3, 2015. But the itune version is at version 6.1 with more recent update. Is the android version lagging behind? I will purchase the itunes version if there are more updated questions for ios. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Yes the iTunes version is a current version. It has support for voice reading of the question and the Android version does not.

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