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Red Words

Click on the Red Words link at the top to watch a video demonstration.

Finally an adult word game that’s also educational. The only words allowed in this game are those adult words – swear words, cussing words, etc. – you know. The educational part is this game accepts words from other countries too! When you guess a word a flag of that language is shown and you score!

Scoring is 5 points per letter position. So 2 letters = 5 + 10, a three letter word = 5 + 10 + 15, etc. A word can be up to 12 letters. No spaces – just remove the space and enter it in.

Scoring is local as well as a global leader board that is private to Red Words.

Bombs remove letters and allow more combinations to appear. If you have to use a random bomb that will cost you 100 points.

The more points you get the less free bombs you get and the more worthless blanks you get.

Are you up to the challenge?

There is also an easy built-in way to submit your suggestions to build up the database for the next release.

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