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iKu Fuji

Click the iKu Fuji page link at the top for the video.

iKu Fuji is my version of haiku against a backdrop of Mount Fuji in Japan.

An iKu has three lines without the restrictions that confine haiku. In version 2.0+ there are 1,306,800 possible variations of verse – over 1.3 MILLION verse combinations! Each of the three lines are unique and no line will be seen in a different line position.

You will find iKu Fuji simple (just 1 button) yet addictive. You might also find it hauntingly knowing of your situations and your life, as if imparting both confidence and warnings with simile and allegory.

You are free to use the iKu that appears in whatever manner you wish. Use it in a card or start a collection for a book – I do not claim any copyright on the final verses that iKu Fuji creates.

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