More Apps – Less MS


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As a certified project manager (PMP) I know about risks. I also know the best way to pass this exam is to know the concepts and how they interrelate – not just memorizing answers.Why pay over $1,000 or more plus expenses for a “crash course” or hundreds in various books that are boring to read when you can have this app?

The structure of this self test allows you to test yourself against time if you wish, to set a target number of questions to answer, and whether you want questions and answers mixed up.Mixing the answers and questions is the best since it makes it more difficult to memorize where the correct answer is.In test mode you will be locked into 170 randomized questions just like the real exam. You will also be locked into 3.5 hours (210 minutes) just like the real exam. To stress-test you farther all of these questions have 5 answers to select from – not four – making it more of a challenge. This works greatly in your favor.

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